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Our Gold Coast based Vibrational Sound Practitioner, Wendy, shares her beautiful Sacred Sound at Sacred Ground. She is here fortnightly on Sundays with small intimate groups (see Classes/Workshop for details). For the ultimate experience of an Individual Sound Attunement, where you can completely release in a harmonic cocoon of resonant sound and vibration, she is available on Saturdays by appointment.

Sacred Sound is healing sound, the sound that takes you on a journey within and allows you to feel peace in your mind, heart, body and soul. It's the soothing sound you can't get enough of, irresistible tones of pure resonance, gentle vibrations and harmonic overtones that allow the mind and body to rest, let go, embrace deep relaxation, calm and stillness. It is a gift to yourself.

The main instruments Wendy uses for sacred sound are exceptionally beautiful and unique Japanese singing bowls. They are made of crystal infused metal, and they're the perfect instrument to help anyone relax and experience the calm mind stillness that can be reached through meditation. These bowls naturally stimulate brainwave entrainment with their pure harmonic overtones and sustained resonance.

At the same time they can be used directly on the body as a vibrational healing instrument, gently harmonising and balancing the body's energy system and chakras, as well as the nervous and endocrine systems. Other instruments Wendy intuitively shares are vocal toning, drums and wind chimes.

The ancient mystery schools, religious traditions and indigenous people all knew about the healing powers of sound. Modern science only recently discovered that everything in the universe is vibrating energy resonating at different frequencies, and sound has the power to heal. We are all vibrating energy, connected and affected by the sounds and energies around us. Our energy fields, internal and external, can be impacted by harmful sound and energy around us, lowering our vibration and vitality. Bring your body, mind and spirit back into the natural state of balance through the ancient practice of healing sound.

Gold Coast Vibrational Sound Practitioners currently available:
Wendy Rice - see Wendy's details here

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