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Remedial Massage promotes increased circulation of lymph and blood systems, and brings about a healing effect on both the physical body and the mind. It can be therapeutic in managing and reducing pain and stress as it supports the body by promoting feelings of deep relaxation and wellness, thus optimising the body's own capacity for healing.

Peter's remedial massage is rhythmic in style, encouraging deep relaxation and release of tension. The use of circular rhythmic movements assists the recipient and allows the body to relax on a deeper level, this supports the surrender of muscle tension and pain for the body to heal, rather than forcing the body to soften.

Peter's speciality is his 30 minute back, shoulder, neck and head massage, leaving you feeling fantastic, lighter and more energetic. This is a great option to fit into your luch break, or straight after work. If you sit at a desk every day using a computer or phone or if you participate in repetitive sports, this massage technique is for you.

Remedial massage can help your sore muscles, ligaments, fascia and tendons feel better. Remedial or therapeutic massage can also help prevent further damage to your musculoskeletal system by encouraging and maintaining the suppleness and length of muscles and tendons.

Remedial massage is an excellent treatment for: sports and work related injuries, tendonitis (including tennis and golfer's elbow), headaches, tight, sore muscles and painful conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder and carpel tunnel syndrome.

How Remedial massage works:
With repetitive activities, whether it is sport, long hours spent using a computer or lifting heavy things, tension can build up in your muscles causing them to become tight and contracted. Your muscles may not function properly because their ability to lengthen is reduced. Over time this can affect your posture and put stress on other muscle groups. Your joints then become tight and pain and tension headaches begin.

Along with treating specific problems Remedial Massage has holistic benefits; it helps to alleviate stress, relaxes your mind and body to free the flow of energy and makes you feel great!

Gold Coast Practitioners currently available for this service:
Peter Lotscher - see Peter's details here

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