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Reiki, often described as 'universal life energy', is the ancient art of hands on healing. Reiki is a subtle yet powerful energy technique, which promotes relaxation, release and healing from stress, emotional distress and past issues.

Pranic healing is focused on cleansing the aura, chakras and clearing negative or stuck energy. It begins a process of the client starting to let go of whatever is holding them in their old pattern, especially within their energy fields. The practitioner works within the energy field to support the client to relax and surrender, opening the client to release overactive energy or awakening stagnant energy. Gold Coast Healing Therapies
With both reiki and pranic healing, the client remains fully clothed and the practitioner places hands on specific energy points and becomes the channel for life-force healing energy to flow to the recipient.

If you are looking for a gentle approach to commence your healing, Reiki and Pranic Healing are a great place to start. They are completely safe practices which can be applied as stand alone therapies, or to support other complementary or medical treatment. Reiki and Pranic Healing are effective therapies for stress, anxiety, immune system boost, emotional release, energy balancing, clearing past traumas and reducing pain. They are ancient practices which have startling results for the emotional, physical and spiritual self.

Gold Coast Reiki and Pranic Healing is currently available from:
Craig Miller - see Craig's details here.
Sue Shepherd - see Sue's details here.

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