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Past Life Regression Therapy can heal mind, body and spirit. Past Life Regression is a safe hypnotic technique that creates an altered state of consciousness, bringing about a deeper understanding of yourself and of your current life experience.

In this deep hypnotic state you are able to remember events that consciously were impossible to recall. This may uncover a deeper understanding of why reactions occur in this lifetime and lead on to a spontaneous healing. Regression is merely the mental act of going to another time and/or place to retrieve information that may have influenced your life, created symptoms or disharmonious patterns, even though they are no longer beneficial.

These patterns may have been repeated and played out in our lives for eons.. By bringing the awareness of these recurring patterns and experiences to the conscious mind, through deep hypnosis, we are able to release them and heal the effects of them. Your mind holds memory of all time. Past Life Regression will open gateways to the mind for a detailed exploration into this memory. It is possible to remember details of previous incarnations, other dimensions and of a life after physical death. Relationships may be understood on a much deeper level and past wounds forgiven, bringing about a closer connection through love and peace.

Past Life Regression may also offer rapid assistance in treating symptoms that have taken months or years to alleviate or that keep reoccurring for no apparent reason. Rid yourself of panic attacks, phobias, nightmares, unexplained fears, obesity, destructive relationship patterns, physical pain, illnesses and more. All insights, information, new ways of feeling and being that have been realised throughout your session can be brought forth into your current life situation. We never die, just pass through different phases that we call life.
There is no end to our being. Just different dimensions and experience.
All time is now.. All healing can occur now.. with Love.

Past Life Regression Practitioners on the Gold Coast currently available:
Sue Shepherd - see Sue's details here

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