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At Sacred Ground on the Gold Coast, we understand your path to healing, wholeness and wellbeing is unique and we want to support this. Our therapies and healing modalities allow you to choose based on your needs, individual beliefs and world views, intuition, spirituality and the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Below are our Preferred Partner Practitioners to whom we are very happy to refer you.

Kristen Luby, Gold Coast, QLD

Kristen Luby – Dip Kinesiology, B. Exercise Sci, M. Physiotherapy – Kinesiologist

Kinesiology, Gold Coast A little more about me..
I have always been fascinated by the human body and what it is capable of.

Competing in swimming as a teenager gave me first hand experience of how I could train my physical body to perform incredible feats.

I also proved to myself that the power of my mind could affect my performance to either enhance or hinder the outcome regardless of the capacity of my physical body. My fascination with the how and the why of our physical function led me to study Exercise Science and gain a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.

I believe anything is possible.

Newly graduated and with 1 year experience under my belt, I knew I was ready to explore the world, but I desperately wanted to continue learning in my field of health. As a student I had spent a night under the big top, watching athletes and artists defy what was thought possible and perform to inspire hundreds for the internationally renowned Cirque Du Soleil.

With a little research, and a leap of faith I wrote a letter to the CEO, gave it a kiss and mailed it all the way to his office in Montreal, Canada. I too wanted to inspire others to believe anything was possible. A series of challenging interviews and 3 months later I was on a plane to Canada and I spent the next few years touring various parts of the world and working as a Performance Medicine Therapist for the Cirque Du Soleil.

My greatest achievement is becoming a Mum to two beautiful souls.

I have been lucky enough to fulfil another life long dream. I became a Mum to two beautiful souls, Kade and Asha. Experiencing pregnancy, birthing my babies and motherhood, has given me even more respect and admiration for our bodies, what they are truly capable of and a deeper gratitude for health and wellness.

Kinesiology is my passion.

Within the first 5 minutes of my introduction to Kinesiology, I was in. The underlying principles and theory resonated with me on every level. Experiencing my own significant shifts on the table and within my life confirmed I had found what it was I was really meant to be doing. Kinesiology brought together everything I have ever believed in and everything I have ever felt passionate about. It is allowing me to be a part of healing and serving humanity in a way that I could have only dreamt of.
I am excited to share the healing Kinesiology offers with you, Kristen.

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