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Originating from Hawaii, Kahuna is based on ancient practices traditionally passed down through family systems.
Drawing on 'aloha spirit', setting an intention of love, compassion and healing is a key aspect of Kahuna bodywork. The practitioner uses long flowing strokes, breath and energy work to help shift old energy, emotion and physiological pain from the body. Kahuna massage works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

Our Kahuna practitioners follow their clients, only going as deep as the client is ready to, while supporting the client to let go and surrender 'old stuff' which in turn creates space for more positive energy and joy.

Following a Kahuna session recipients often report feeling lighter (less burdened), more relaxed, greater clarity and more connected to self.
Our Kahuna bodyworkers have trained at Mettes Institute so you can feel assured you are in good hands.. literally.

Gold Coast Practitioners currently available for this service:
Craig Miller - see Craig's details here.

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